What does it mean to Lead Your Life?

God has planted a seed in each one of us to do great and amazing things. We are called to dream and dream so big that our dreams aren’t just for us, but are for those who come after us. When you were a little girl, you dreamed of doing something. Maybe you dreamed of becoming a doctor, nurse, teacher,    t-shirt designer, dog groomer, daycare teacher, gardener, chef blogger, make up artist or even an ant farmer! Whatever that dream was,  I hope you are living Your Dream. But if you’re like me, you got lost in the day to day which became life, and your dream was placed on the back burner. My dream was not realized until I was an adult; 39 years old! But here I am; living my dream; growing into my dream; and dreaming for more. And I am here to help you dream again and put that dream into action. If you know you are called to do and be more, if you are called to make a difference, you are called to dream but aren’t...let me help you. It won’t happen overnight, but let's lock arms and make it happen!

How I Can Help You & Your Organization

As certified speaker, coach and trainer through the John Maxwell Program, and previous student at the International School of Ministry and Nation2Nation Bible College, it is my desire to impart what I have learned unto others so they can Lead their Life; and not let their Live Lead them.


Inspirational Speaker

Lori began speaking on the stage in front of sold out conferences in 2017. She continues to speak at Conferences, and has preach from the pulpit on numerous occasions.


Individual and Group Coaching

Lori began faith based coaching through Leading Ladies in 2019. She has experience in both Personal One x One coaching and group coaching. 
Leading Ladies
Leading Ladies Level UP


Virtual Classes

Lori has been training people of all ages in Leadership, Personal Development and Faith Based Curriculums since 2015. She does this through small groups, Lunch & Learns, and Private Settings.