What does it mean to Lead Your Life?

Leading your life is investing in yourself in a way that you are always leveling up (in every aspect of your life), and not allowing anyone to steal your peace.

Lori's Services Include Speaking, Coaching and Training


Lori began speaking on the stage in front of sold-out conferences in 2017. She continues to speak at Conferences, and has preached from the pulpit on numerous occasions.


Lori began faith-based coaching through Leading Ladies in 2019. She has experience in both Personal One x One coaching and group coaching. 


Lori has been training up leaders in the work place and ministry for 10+ years. She does this in a 1 x 1 setting, small platforms and group settings. 


Training happens in small and large settings. They are more informal but power-packed with great information. These settings usually take place during other organizations' meetings and last between 20 - 45 minutes.


Lori's style of delivering a message is fun and direct. Whether it is a word from the pulpit, a leadership training, or a life lesson; she takes personal hardships, the lesson she learned, and in full comedic transparency, allows those listening, into her life lessons, so they can learn to lead their lives, and not let their lives lead them.

Group Coaching

Every week the ladies in the Level Up Group Coaching class meet for a lesson on how they can become who God has created them to be, so they can lead their life and not let their lives lead them. Each class is based on life circumstances, where the enemy has tried to take our peace and joy, but the Lord has shown us through His word how to handle these situations. Level Up Group Coaching will only be open for enrollment through January 5th 2023, after that you can join the waiting list. Take a look at previous class titles.