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Let me Introduce Myself!

Lori is the founder of Leading Ladies with Lori Flores. She and her husband Richie have been married for over 17 years, together they have 5 children; a daughter in law and a 5 month old granddaughter. Lori was born and raised in San Benito, Texas where she proudly supports the Mighty Greyhounds! Lori received her ministry training through International School of Ministry and Nation2Nation Bible College and in 2018, she became a John Maxwell certified speaker coach and trainer. Lori helps transform women from broken to blessed and empowers them to envision their blessed life and achieve it one goal at a time. Lori serves this woman, because she was her. In addition to this, the Flores’ proudly serve in different ministries at Cross church, and have a  local locksmith company, ASAP Quiklocks.

Faith-Based Speaker, Coach & Trainer


Benefits of Inviting Me to Speak:

I am a John Maxwell Certified Speaker specializing in Leadership, Personal Development & Adding Value to people.

I love to connect to both large and small groups with humorous motivation and real life examples. Of course all engagement topics are catered to the needs of the host and organization.


As a faith based life coach, in a 1 x 1 setting. I listen to the frustrations and desires of my clients then help them formulate a plan that transforms them from broken and frustrated to excelling and freedom. I allow my clients their space, but also follow up with them to hold them accountable and continue on their plan of transformation.


Through events such as Lunch & Learns & Masterminds, smaller events catered to single topic sessions I am able to train on topics including self leadership, and personal development. Sessions help people realign and focus on personal goals and mindset shifts. All sessions come with a workbook for note taking and retention.

Who I Serve

As a John Maxwell certified speaker coach and trainer with a faith based education; I guide women who feel stuck, feel lost, and are living in a work, cook, sleep routine. I empower these women to envision their blessed life and achieve it; by setting and conquering goals one at a time. I help these women embrace themselves and love themselves like Christ loves them, so they can lead a blessed life they love.

I serve this woman; because I was this woman!


Core Values


Faith is an essential core value of our company because it guides how we approach problems and opportunities. We believe above all else in having faith in God, and that He will guide us through difficult times. When we put our faith in Him, He will always provide the answer we need, and when we need it. We also believe that Faith without works is death, and we are to have faith in ourselves. Having faith in ourselves is essential for achieving our personal and professional goals. Believing we can accomplish whatever we set out to do provides us with the motivation needed to push through challenging times and setbacks. When faced with adversity, having faith in ourselves allows us to remain focused on our end goal and gives us the confidence to take risks and try new things. By keeping faith in our gifts and anointing, we can continue on the plan the Lord has set out for our future and achieve greatness. Finally, having faith in one another allows us to work together as a team towards common objectives with the confidence that each person's contributions are valued and respected. 


Integrity is another value we embrace. We strive to ensure our values, decisions, and actions are always in line with the principles and standards of God’s Word, which filters through our work and relationships. We strive to ensure everything we do is guided through prayer with honor, excellence and accuracy; so the women who God has entrusted us with, can trust us to provide quality faith based services and resources. We recognize the importance of being accountable for our actions by always striving to do the right thing, no matter the difficulty or challenge that may be presented.

Servant Leadership

Servant Leadership is a core value we believe in at Leading Ladies because it means putting others before ourselves. We want to be a model for women on how to lead themselves. We believe in encouraging and empowering women to seek God’s calling for their lives. We prioritize serving other women through providing a safe environment and equipping them with knowledge, skills, and resources that encourage godly growth and personal leadership development. We are committed to being servant leaders by demonstrating humility, kindness, and integrity in our daily interactions with the people we serve. 


Excellence serves as the foundation of all our initiatives and activities. We strive to provide quality services that create an impactful and lasting change in the lives of women. We are passionate about developing successful programs, events, and resources that invest in the future of other women. Our goal is for every Leading Ladies participant to develop into a leader who strives for excellence and positively impacts her life, family, and community. We believe true leadership starts with investing in the people around us. That’s why we are dedicated to creating an environment where we provide women with the spiritual, emotional, and physical resources they need to live out God’s plan for their lives. Together we can make a difference! 

Join us as we boldly pursue our mission to help women grow into all that God has intended for them. 


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