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Feeling stuck in life and lacking direction!
Struggling finding purpose and connecting with your true potential!
Struggling to gain confidence, clarity, and focus for your dreams and life!
Feeling overwhelmed by responsibilities and feeling the pressure of not measuring up!
Feeling unfulfilled or dissatisfied with their current job, relationships, or lifestyle!
You’re isolated from others, lacking community and support!
Experiencing lack of motivation or self-doubt in your ability to succeed!
Failing to realize your worth and value as an individual!

I have felt like all of the above!! I know what if feels like to be down, to feel like you're not making a difference, like you're made for more but not sure how that more is achieved. I want to lay my head down at night and know that I gave it my all and lived a life I loved.



Join us for a powerful women's gathering where we unite, support, and empower each other. Together, we'll dive into meaningful conversations about topics that resonate with our lives. Discover how the wisdom of the bible can guide us in overcoming challenges and finding purpose in our daily journey. This is an extraordinary evening of learning and personal growth that you simply cannot afford to miss!

6 pm

Every Wednesday

in 2023


Rolling Smoke BB
608 N Sam Houston, San Benito, TX





Cross Church, Raymondville

Welcome to Leading Ladies with
Lori Flores

I am a faith-based self leadership speaker, coach and trainer! What exactly does this mean? What do I do? I am glad you asked!! I specialize in helping women learn how to lead themselves by discovering and using their faith as a foundation to make positive changes in their lives. I help them lead their life so their life doesn't lead them. When a women leads her life, she lives a life she loves. She is not sick and tired of being sick and tired; she wakes up and lives life with purpose using her gifts and when she rests her head at night, she knows she lived her best life that day!

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